Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Continued from last blog...

Sorry for the long delay, having problems with wifi and electricity here in Kathmandu. 
 The journey to Lapu was very encouraging.  We met many Christians on the 6 hour trek into the Gorkha mountains and are stay in BBG's village was short but profitable. We met with an elder of the village the most respected man there, he welcomed us and the message of the Gospel, although he didn't receive Christ he did encourage us to tell our message to the village.  He also told us that in some villages Christians are rejected and ostracized from the community, he would not allow that to happen in Lapu.  Please continue with us in prayer on how we can help the small number of Christians in Lapu. They told us they sometimes meet in houses but have know one to teach them, they also don't know truth from false teaching.  We met about 10 or 12 Christians but we were told there are about 25 altogether. The verse (Zechariah 4:10) The Lord does not despise small beginnings continues to be the verse driving this mission trip. 

 Irma Bev and Lauren had two very blessed programs, the girls from the girls home loved every minute of there visit. I think they will be praying they return again and again.  the conference in Kathmandu was full of great teaching and lots of fun and laughter too!  Everyone is hoping we come back every year to do a women's conference. 

We leave for Doha tomorrow for a 8 hour layover and arrive in Washington D.C. on the 21st at 3:40pm.

See you soon!
Grace & Peace


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Back from Lapu

Hello from Kathmandu Nepal,

Irma and the girls had a very fruitful time in Lumjung village of Sera Bazzar with over 60 women from the area villages. Irma and the team shared testimonies and lessons from the Christian foundations book we had translated into Nepali language. 

I left Lumjung early Friday morning with Pastor Gopal, walking 2 hours to catch a bus to Dhating to meet BBG and Megh for our journey.
First we had a 7 hr. grueling bus ride to Arughat where we found a room to sleep since all the hostels were full.  In the morning we had another 4hr. bus ride to Suthi, the end of the road, construction is still continuing, this road will end in Tibet when complete.

We met two Christians on the bus ride and had dal bhat   with them before our 6 hour trek to Lapu.
along the way...Well the electricity went out about an hour ago and back-up battery is running low.
I'll continue blog later.

Grace & Peace


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Grace & Peace Brothers & Sisters

Well after 10 hours in Doha airport we are still charged up for the task ahead of us.  We will board our flight to Kathmandu at 7:30am and arrive at 3:30pm Nepali time.

Everyone is rested and ate well in the lounge at the airport, we ate enough hummus for a lifetime!
We are praying to be tools in the Masters Hand, expecting only for God to guide are thoughts, actions and words.

Please join us in praying for the next two weeks...Remember we are all in this together all mission journeys encompass these three needs,  GO...Send...Pray, Some are called to go out into the mission field, some have the means to send others out, all can and should PRAY.  So, we are counting on all your prays for  the coming days.

In Him
The Team

Friday, February 7, 2014

Mission Nepal

Hello everyone,

The team and I are at our terminal in Dulles International Airport waiting to board.  Our flight leaves at 9:40pm, we are due to arrive in Doha Qatar on Saturday at 6:20pm.

Please pray for travel mercies and a time of drawing close to God and asking for a filling of the Holy Spirit, and as always opportunities to share our Lord Jesus Christ on our journey to Kathmandu.

We have a 14hr layover in Doha and our flight to Kathmandu Nepal leaves at 8:30am on Sunday, we are due to arrive in Kathmandu at 3:30pm on Sunday.

Stay tuned for more updates and please continue to pray for the Women's conference and the team traveling to Ghorka to look at the land for the new church!

Grace & Peace

Friday, January 31, 2014

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus...
We are 7 days away from our trip to Nepal!
Would you please pray for our team, Irma Pressley, Beverly Hazelwood, Lauren Wong and Gerry Kizitaff.  Our itinerary is set (however, always remaining flexible).  Irma will be leading two Women's Conferences, one in Sera Bazar for the mountain Churches, and one in Kathmandu for Pastor Padam's church and the women and girls at the girls home. Gerry will be ministering to the Pastors and boys at the training center and purchasing land to build the new church.  We our counting on your prayers throughout trip.

Feb 7-9        Travel to Kathmandu Nepal
Feb 10         Travel to Sera Bazar in the Himalayan mountains
Feb 11-13    Womens Conference
Feb 14         Travel back to Kathmandu
Feb 14-16    Gerry will be Hiking to remote village to purchase land
Feb  15        Church service in Kathmandu (Irma will be sharing a message)
Feb 16          Rest and debrief day
Feb 17-19    Women's conference and Girl's Home visit
Feb 20-21    Traveling Home

Stay warm and safe
Grace & Peace

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Nepal Trip 2014

But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry. 2Timothy 4:5